Roots in the territory, international vision

We are a historical, well-known firm projected into the future. Our watchword is “excellence” and we customize our excellence according to the client's needs. So we create high-grade furniture, made-to-measure, for very demanding customers, as luxury asks for the better.

All our projects are personalized: we start from the customer's idea and we develop it with a highly qualified team of architects and designers that are part of our staff. In this way we produce original, handicraft furniture using high-quality raw materials, the best types of wood and the cutting-edge technology.
Gasparri furnishings have always aimed at the best made in Italy representing the tradition of valuable furniture that has been flourishing for centuries in our region: the Marche. We are a forge of furniture and an expression of the Italian know-how. We are situated in Falconara Marittima, in the province of Ancona, by the Adriatic coast.

This firm was founded by Moreno Gasparri, who still works here, and it is run by his twins Paolo and Luca; they give it up-to-dateness and purity of style that will lead it to a 4.0 future. Our international mission is to set up direct, friendly and lasting business relations. Cooperating with Gasparri is a unique experience, like our furniture.

  • Moreno Gasparri
  • Paolo Gasparri
  • Luca Gasparri
    CEO - Carpenter
  • Francesca Marchetti
  • Alessandro Bugatti
  • Luciano Gasparri
  • Damiano Damiani
  • Paolo Possanzini
  • Andrea Bellucci
  • Silvia Brocchini
  • Giorgio Balestra
  • Silvia Tolozzi
  • Nicoletta Mosca


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